Estate Protection



Pro-Tect Global team of experts will provide a comprehensive threat assessment of your residences to ensure your safety and protection.

Below are some of the key areas we focus on during the assessment process.

• Perimeter Control • Fire Safety • Canine Policy
• Access Control • Remote Power Supply (generators) and how they would be connected to the main power grid • Contingency / Resiliency Planning
• Cover and Concealment • Service Provider Protocols • Safe rooms and inventory
• Observation Points • Badging • Communications systems
• Fences and Gates • Domestic Staff Security Standard Operation
• Lighting • Procedures (SOP’s)
• Walls • Cameras
• Entry and Exit Routes • CCTV
• Doors and Windows • Infra Red Detection Devices
• Alarm Systems • Pressure Pads
• Evacuation Routes • Police Response Time

Our team of security experts will utilize this assessment to implement and execute a comprehensive security plan for your estate protection.